OCC2 IT & medical solutions

Our bussiness company deals with complex services of informatics and computing. Our specializations is health, education and veterinary IT. We focus prior to quality, openness. We prefer open source software.

Main activities

  • Projecting, development and maintanance computers, servers and software applications.
  • Service and administration of costumers hardware and software resources.
  • Orientation to costumers from health and veterinary sphere.
  • Manufacturing of DICOM storages and systems for PACS networks for health, veterinary and education.
  • Creation of information and ordering systems.

Company name & residence

OCC2 IT & medical solutions s.r.o
Identification number: 058 02 016
Tax identification number: CZ05802016
Address: Hermanice 39, Hermanice nad Labem 55212
Czech Republic
www: https://occ2.cz
email: info@occ2.cz

Our team

Milan Onderka, DiS.
Director, technician, developer
tel: +420 721 135 278
email: milan_onderka@occ2.cz

Bc. Vladimír Matýsek
Technik, support manager
email: vladimir_matysek@occ2.cz

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