DICOM NAS storage

  • disk space 500Gb
    (up to 4000 standard radiographic images)
  • OCC2 PACS software installed
  • DICOM database (Patient->Studies->Series->Objects)
  • communication with DICOM network protocol (Query/Retrieve)
  • support of all DICOM modalities
  • build-in DICOM Worklist server
  • build-in DICOM web viewer
  • extensible with software modules
  • free ClearCanvas Comunity Edition viewer
  • 2 years warranty
  • 2 years of free updates

Price: 200 EUR


  • supports DICOM Query/Retrieve/Storage *
  • adjustable SOP Classes
  • you can use as DICOM router,gateway
  • access logs, logs of incoming and outgoing images
  • DICOM web viewer
  • ACL for viewing of DICOM data
  • export studies to ZIP file with DICOMDIR
  • upload DICOM images with web interface
  • management of DICOM Worklist
  • multilingual GUI (czech, english)
  • dimensions 160x140x34mm


  • procesor: AllWinner Cortex A20 dual core 1Ghz
  • memory: RAM 1Gb DDR3
  • harddrive: SATA 2,5 500Gb 5400rpm
  • network: Gigabit Ethernet
  • power: 5V/3A DC jack
    * this system does not support DICOM C-GET, MPPS, Storage Commitment
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