OCC2 Timeplan Pi

Ordering system server

  • 50Gb of database capacity
  • licence LITE (1 department, 3 users, 3 ordering roles, 500 ordering places)
  • software OCC2 BaseModule, CatalogModule, OrderModule installed
  • user signing history
  • security (reset password after 5 non-successfull logins, password expiration, password reset by administrator)
  • notifications (information messages for users)
  • helps on every page
  • catalogue management
  • order shift and department distinguishing
  • order shift templates
  • custom ordering roles (depends on licence)
  • custom authorization on every ordering place
  • planning of ordering (shift planning, manual or templates) + custom authorization settings (number of active ordering places depends on license)
  • shift and order history + data logging
  • list of all terms (filtrable,orderable by date, comment, physician, patient name, patient ID, name of event, department)
  • ordering calendar with day and department toggling
  • export whole days or shifts from calendar to PDF
  • order status support (active, not come, canceled)
  • 2 years warranty
  • 2 years of free updates

Price: 445 EUR Introductory price

Upgrade to PROFI licence: 740 EUR (REST API, 3 departments, 10 users, 10 ordering roles, 3000 ordering places)

Upgrade to UNLIMITED licence: 3150 EUR (REST API, unlimited departments, unlimited users, 30 ordering roles, unlimited ordering places)

UNLIMITED license allows Active Directory user authenticationg, including GSS-API single sign-on (users are authorized by Active Directory logon)


  • sign-in and sign-out of user
  • user profile settings
  • administration of users (depends on license) (name, username, password, email, details)
  • user roles setting (every user can have more roles)
  • role templates settings
  • API keys settings
  • catalog of departments (tree structure, depends of license)
  • catalog of diagnoses
  • catalog of insurances
  • catalog of machines
  • clinical event types (tree structure)
  • catalog of clinical events
  • clinical events parameters
  • operation types (tree structure)
  • catalog of operations
  • material types (tree structure)
  • catalog of material
  • order group settingss (list of events, whitch can be ordered to one place)
  • shift templates (for easy and fast planning) (time, comment, instructions, background color, CSS style)
  • template items authorization settings
  • template types settings
  • shift comments possibility
  • order place comments possibility (instructions)
  • possibility to lock shift or order place
  • automatic expiration of processed orders
  • dimensions 160x140x34mm


  • procesor: AllWinner Cortex A20 dual core 1Ghz
  • memory: RAM 1Gb DDR3
  • harddrive: SATA SSD 2,5 60Gb
  • network: Gigabit Ethernet
  • power: 5V/3A DC jack
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