Our references

Radiologic centre MULTISCAN Pardubice

For radiodiagnostic department of company MULTISCAN we produced server infrastructure whitch contains:

  • virtualisation Cluster (Xen Server) with high availability
  • secondary DICOM archive (OCC2 PACS Tower - previous Milipacs), whitch server as DICOMWeb publication server
  • patient's ordering system OccullusNIS
  • OCC2 Business (primary and secondary Active Directory domain controller, DNS, Fileserver, GPO)
  • OCC2 Backup (backup server for non-image data)

We off course do custom support for this services and do maintanance and monitoring over physical server. We do management of Active Directory network and administration of workstations

prof. MUDr. Jiri Neuwirth, CSc. MBA.

Our costumer who buy DICOM NAS Nanopacs (now OCC2 PACS Pi)

MUDr. Dusan Spitzer, PhD. MBA.

Our costumer, who buy ordering and timeplanning system OCC2 Timeplan for his office

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