Hardware and software consulting

Do you need informations about IT?
Do you need solve IT problems?
You don' thing abour new hardware or software?
Need to setup new server or workstation?

Try our consulting.

What we offer?

  • Many informations and experiences with Linux and Windows
  • comunication and consulting via TeamViewer
  • Experience with servers and workstations administration
  • Aknowledge about medicine systems (NIS,RIS,PACS)
  • Consulting with network services and data storage
  • IT projecting
  • Realizations of these projects
  • Education of users

Price list:

Servce Price in CZK Item
Consultation with technician - personal 15 EUR 1hour (1)
Consultation with technician - by phone 11 EUR 1hour (1)
Consultation with technician - over internet (email, TeamViewer) 11 EUR 1 conversation (2)
Education of administrator - 2 hours (OCC2 Server, NextCLoud, DICOM Cube, Timeplan) 38 EUR 1 person
Education of user - 1 hour (OCC2 Server, NextCloud, DICOM Cube, Timeplan) 19 EUR 1 person
Project creating 19 EUR 1 hour (3)
Travel cost (if visit of costumer is necessary) 0,3 EUR 1 km (4)


  • charge every started 30 minutes
  • charge does not contain phone fees or travel costs


  • 1 conversation = maximum 10 email messages
  • 1 conversation = 1 session via TeamViewer


  • charge every started 30 minutes
  • free of cost if project is realised by our company


  • to 10km from Jaromer (CZ) and Pardubice (CZ) is free of travel cost
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