Software development

Are you working in health or another branch?
Do you need application whitch is accessible from everywhere?
Do you need central storage without requirement of new computers?
You do not want to be addicted to third party software or vendor lock-in?

We are ccreating web applications

What we offer?

  • Creating of web database applications
  • Access to your app over standard web browser
  • We are using only experienced latest open source components
  • You will affect, what your system will be able to.
  • You will change,upgrade or rebuild your software in future

Price list:

Service Price in CZK Item
Projecting of application 80 - 200 EUR 1 proposal (1)
Development of application 150 - 400 EUR 1 module (2)


  • price is determined by size of application
  • during projection we will do system requirements and feasibility study
  • if project is realized by our company will not charge this price


  • one modul is for example Sign in/Sign out page/User adminsitration or something like this
  • the price is contract, preliminary price will be calculated during projection
  • preliminary price may be floating (+-25% for whole app)
  • price includes - development of application in time limit by design of project, installation and testing
  • price includes - application documentation + source codes
  • price includes - education of administrator + user (1 + 1 person)
  • warranty (bug fixes) is 2 years
  • warranty does not to hardware failures and third party software components
  • warranty void if another company do any changes in source code
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