Is your computer broken?
Is it some virus in your notebook and you need save data?
Is your network slow or unreachable?
Do you want to upgrade your machnes?
Do you need help with cleaning your PCs?

Computer service.

What we offer?

  • Repairing of PCs, notebooks end servers
  • Cleaning of PCs, notebooks end servers
  • Hardware and software diagnostics
  • Repairing and reinstalations of operating systems
  • Backuping of data from demaged systems
  • Upgrade/replacing of computer components


Service Price in CZK Unit
Basic diagnostics of computers hardware (check SMART, fans, condensators, temperatus and logs) 11 EUR 1 PC
Extended diagnostics of computers hardware (same as basic + 1hour of memtest) 22 EUR 1PC
Complex diagnostics of computers hardware (same as basic + long SMART test + 12hours memtest, CPU load, disk using stresslinux) 45 EUR 1 PC
Virus test Windows - basic (antivirus check) 15 EUR 1PC
Removing malware from Windows - extended (malware removal if necessary) 22 EUR 1PC
Removing malware from Windows - problematic (if big problems occured - for example ransomware) 15 EUR 1hour
Backuping data from broken Windows 2,5 EUR 1Gb of data
Windows repair 15 EUR 1hour (1)
Linux repair 19 EUR 1hour (1)
Removal/installation of hardware item (desktop PC) 8 EUR 1 item (2)
Removal/installation of hardware item (server, notebook) 10 EUR 1 item (2)
Cleaning PC, server hardware (dust removing, coolers clening) 11 EUR 1 PC (4)
Cleaning notebooks hardware (dust removing, coolers clening, keyboard and display cleaning) 15 EUR 1 PC (4)
Cleaning Windows (removal of temporary files, cleanup applications, optimalisation, registry repair) 11 EUR 1 PC
Travel cost (if visit of costumer is necessary) 0,3 EUR 1km (3)

1) charge every started 30 minutes
2) tariff is without cost of item
3) to 10km from Jaromer (CZ) is free of travel cost

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